TERRAZZO GRANITECH MEDIUM is relatively coarse to the touch, which gives a rustic charm to any space it's applied to.

It is the larger grain size of the material, which, depending on the varnish of choice, can bring about a textured matte surface, and through the interplay of light and shadow, may create an aesthetic painting of contradictions. 


TERRAZZO GRANITECH FINE is the smaller grain size of the material.
It is soft to the touch and feels velvety, with or without the use of varnish.
It provides a smooth surface, ideal for application on surfaces such as kitchen counters, bathroom counters, walls, and generally decoration of indoor spaces. The final result may be smooth and without pronounced fluctuations, or depending on the application technique, have characteristic waves.
Either way, the velvety texture of the applied material reveals a world of minimalism and harmony.


With a base of GraniTech MEDIUM and crushed quartz tiles in grain sizes from 0.6 to 0.8 millimeters, in shades of beige mixed with some black.
It can be applied on floors, swimming pool interiors and decks, bathrooms or Hammams (Turkish baths). 
It is a novel product that stands out due to its unique style.
It has been meticulously designed and expertly crafted, seamlessly merging top-notch quality, exquisite aesthetics, and groundbreaking innovation in one.