TERRAZZO GRANITECH FINE is a trowel-applied system with high mechanical strength and elasticity, enriched with acrylic polymers, suitable for decorative purposes with waterproofing capabilities, providing protection on surfaces made of concrete, mortar, stone, drywall, wood, and cement board. It exhibits resistance to UV radiation and high reflectivity to solar radiation.

Its style can be calm, without strong variations, or with intensity and a more artistic feel.

It is the smaller grain size of the material. It is soft to the touch and feels velvety, with or without the use of varnish.
It provides a smooth surface, ideal for application on surfaces such as kitchen counters, bathroom counters, walls, and generally decoration of indoor spaces.

The final result may be smooth and without pronounced fluctuations, or depending on the application technique, have stucco reminiscent waves.
Either way, the velvety texture of the applied material reveals a world of minimalism and harmony.